Immune Boosters

10.13.13-immuneEverything we put in our bodies either hurts us or helps us. So, while trying to keep yourself and your family healthy this season, make every ounce count. Pierre Lafond Market is stocked with fresh nutrition-dense foods. Here are just a few power food ideas to keep your immune system strong:

Foods Rich in Vitamin C
Strawberries, raw tomatoes, citrus fruits, red peppers and broccoli are packed with Vitamin C which makes your white blood cells more active with infection-fighting energy.

Honey soothes sore throats and has antimicrobial properties that help fight off infections. Taking a spoonful every day will power-up your immune system with its numerous live enzymes, vitamins and minerals. (Note: don’t give honey to children under 2 years of age, as they can develop infant botulism from spores which with the honey might be contaminated.)

This gnarly little root has both antiviral and antibiotic properties and is rich in vitamin and minerals. It helps to inhibit bacterial growth, is a powerful antioxidant, and is super-effective at killing off the common cold virus. If you’re already sick, ginger will help to lower your fever and calm chills.

Black tea and green tea are packed with antioxidant flavonoids that help repair cellular damage when you’re still healthy, while herbal tea like peppermint or ginger soothe queasy bellies if you’re feeling under the weather. Tea helps replenish your body’s fluids and, most importantly, it’s soothing and comforting.

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